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A Pub Crawl – for Island Hoppers

The Isles of Scilly offer an alternative, unique pub crawl adventure, letting you combine the finest old English pubs, beautiful scenery, wonderful sunsets and the excitement of hopping between them on small boats!

A unique pub crawl

Hugh Town – St. Mary’s Pubs

Once you have made your way across from mainland Cornwall to the Scilly Isles via the Scillonian ferry, you find yourself with many great pubs in Hugh Town, St Mary’s – the main island and starting for your trip.

On walking from the harbour toward town the first pub you’ll pass by is the Mermaid. It’s a old style classic English pub and a perfect start / end point to your Scilly Pub Crawl. You’re likely to find local beer here from the Ales of Scilly brewery, based just up the road on St Mary’s.

St. Agnes – The Turk’s Head

Next stop – St Agnes’ The Turk’s Head pub. You can jump on the closest ‘water taxi’ back at the harbour. Main boats are known as “Tripper Boats” or for the evening pub crawl trippers “Supper Boats”.

Pub Crawl via Supper Boats

These act as a St. Agnes Evening Service run by St. Mary’s Boatmen Association. Expect to set off around 6pm with a return trip later that evening around 9pm (don’t worry, they won’t leave you behind!). The Evening trips run from May until mid September. It’s best to check latest timetables on the blackboards around the quay to confirm exact leaving times.

St. Agnes Pub in the Scillies
Turk’s Ale is by St Austell but labelled up for the pub on St. Agnes

Main services to St. Agnes

For the main daytime services we always post the latest schedule here – this is showing the 2018/2019 winter schedule:

Scillies - St Mary's / St Agnes Boat Schedule
St Mary’s / St Agnes Boat Times – Isles of Scilly

However, with most services in the Scillies do note that times may vary through the seasons with tides, weather and numbers of passengers. For the complete travel guide to the Isles of Scilly check out our compressive info here.

Turk’s Head Pub

St Agnes (affectionately known as Aggy to locals) has a single pub in a stunning spot overlooking the quay and neighbouring Gugh island. The Turk’s Head makes for such a satisfying visit and serves good food and decent ale.

Turks Head Pub - St Agnes pub - Scilly Isles view
Scilly Isles – a pub with a view!

St Agnes is only separated from tiny Gugh Island by a sandbar, which can be crossed on foot at low tide.

Isles of Scilly - St. Agnes to Gugh Island
Scilly Isles – Sand Spit Connecting St. Agnes & Gugh

A wander on St. Agnes

St Agnes itself is beautiful and it’s worth taking a wander between pints. Take an easy walk southeast from the pub as this allows you to pass the sandbar and within minutes you’ll reach a cute bay known simply as The Cove.

St Mary’s Pubs

After fitting in another pint at the Turks Head you can head back to St Mary’s on a return boat and look to continue the night in Hugh Town.

Hugh Town

There are currently 2 other ‘proper’ pubs; the first is the Atlantic Inn and is within the town.

Isles of Scilly pubs include the Atlantic Inn on St. Mary's
Atlantic Inn – a welcoming pub in Hugh Town, St. Mary’s in the Scillies.

Old Town

The second is over in Old Town, however, it’s worth noting that until recently there was also the Bishop & Wolf pub in Hugh Town. This is currently not running, but the latest news is that a new landlord has been found, so we’ll keep you up to date with opening dates and info.

Island hopping pub crawl in the Scillies
The Bishop & Wolf pub is reopening soon

Heading into town from the quay, 1 minute walk past the Mermaid is the large Atlantic Inn pub. It’s located on the left opposite Lloyds bank just before the Co-Op shop. This pub is spacious and overlooks the harbour with outdoor seating and a fantastic view. It serves a good food menu and welcomes families with young children.

Old Town Inn

To complete your pub crawl on St Mary’s island it’s an easy 20 minute walk east from Hugh Town to Old Town. Here you’ll find a small, nice beach, a café and the Old Town Inn pub – a traditional stone building with a very local feel and a welcoming atmosphere. It is well worth the trek to add a new dimension to your islands pub crawl.

Tresco – The New Inn

Tesco is a wonderful island that displays a real example of the sub tropical feel that the Isles of Scilly are famous for. It is the second largest of the Scilly Isles, but still only has around 150-200 permanent inhabitants. Luckily it manages to keep the only pub on the island going strong. And what a great addition to the island hopping pub crawl it is.

Getting to & from Tresco

You’ll need to plan to start here early in the route. In the main season there are lots of regular ferries leaving St. Mary’s in the morning at 10:00, 10:15 and 11:15 and around lunchtime at 12:15 and 14.00.

That means you can get a few good ales in at lunch, along with a hearty meal and head back on one of the return ferries from Tresco at 2:15 (14:15), 3:45 (15:15) and 4:45 (16:45). These crossings are definitely in the bracket of “depending on weather and tides”. Don’t worry as we always update this website with latest, confirmed times once the season starts.

New Inn Pub – Tresco

The New Inn is just metres from the quay at New Grimbsy, itself a very picturesque scene worthy of a sit down, perhaps an ice cream and some peace and quiet whilst awaiting the ferry back.

Isles of Scilly - New Inn Pub by the Quay
New Grimsby Quay on Tresco Island

If you’ve managed to catch one of the early ferries and the pub is not yet open then Tresco is perfect for exploring on foot. Check out our Tresco guides for details or just head south down the coast and enjoy the beaches and views and work up a well deserved thirst.

Scilly Isles - Tresco's Beautiful Beaches
Apple Tree Bay Beach – Tresco Island

St. Martin’s Island – The Seven Stones Inn

Another attractive island full of character, St. Martin’s is still fairly large, at least in Scilly terms with around 150 people! Still, this isle is very much a peaceful retreat compared to St. Mary’s.

The boat will drop you at Higher Town Bay / Par Beach toward the middle of the island. The Seven Stones Inn is over in Lower Town on the far west of the isle. You’re likely to look back at this leg of your island pub crawl with very fine memories indeed.

Getting around St. Martins Island

To get to the pub you can take either of the enjoyable walks:

  • Along the coast: hug the southern shore and enjoy a feast of idyllic seascapes full of turquoise waters. Keep the camera handy and allow for a relaxed 40 minutes.
  • Inland: plod along small lanes passing several shops including groceries, off-license, tea rooms and a great artisan bakery. We recommend allowing 25 minutes.

The pub is just 3 minutes wander inland from the most western point on the island, where you’ll also find a stunning gem of a 4 star hotel called Karma. Although not a pub itself and so slightly outside of the scope of this island hopping pub crawl, Karma has an impressive bar and garden seating with panoramic views to die for.

Getting back to the real pub crawl – Seven Stones Inn is a lovely, traditional but smart stone building with impressive outdoor space. You’ll feel very privileged to be enjoying pints in such a setting after such a special walk to get there.

Bryher Island – Fraggle Rock Bar

Finally, another one not to miss on your island hopping adventure in the Scillies is Bryher – a stunning island with some of the finest white sand beaches. Being the smallest inhabited island, it’s easily covered on foot.

The island features a shop, some fine food stalls (local vegetables, fish, fudge and lobster across several separate but nearby stalls) and cafes. One of the cafes is referred to as ‘the pub’ and officially called Fraggle Rock Bar.

Bryher – the gastro island

Whilst Fraggle Rock Bar has the cafe feel, it is easy to enjoy a decent beer here, plus the food is well regarded. In fact, Bryher island as a whole is a genuine foodie experience. So, timing a stop here over lunch is a wise move.

Getting to & from Brhyer

Boat services run, mainly, from neighbouring Tresco and from St. Mary’s with regular departures from Hugh Town at 10:15 and 14:.00 (2pm). Returns run from Bryher at 14:30 and 16:45 (4.45pm) – easily allowing you to incorporate Bryher into a relaxed island hopping pub crawl.

Remember, these boat services are just the regular, main routes to St. Mary’s, where you’re most likely to be based. There are many other services running between the other islands (St. Martins, Tresco, St Agnes, Bryher and Samson).

Getting around Bryher

The walk from the arrival point on Bryher to the pub is short. You’ll arrive on the eastern shore around halfway up the length of the coast, the exact point depends on the tide:

  • Quay at high tide
  • Bar at low tide

Either way, head north (right along the coast as you look to land from the boat or left as you look to sea from the shore) and Fraggle Rock Bar is toward the north of the island, still on the eastern shore.

Travel Guide to Isles of Scilly

Clearly there is so much more to enjoy on the Scillies than just pubs with incredible seascape views. For a compete travel guide to the isles please enjoy our comprehensive website here.