All About Scilly

6 Things We Love About Scilly

  1. The sub-tropical climate with winter temperatures comparable to southern France.  The weather is considered to be the warmest in the UK.
  2. The world-class birding – the pleasant climate, proximity to the sea and the unique landscape make Scilly a perfect sanctuary for many types of bird, including black-backed gulls and storm petrels.  A rare blue rock thrush drew scores of birdwatchers in 1999.
  3. It is a rambler’s retreat – exploring the islands on foot is undeniably the best way to get around and enjoy them.  There are also plenty of guided group trips which take in the fascinating history or wildlife.
  4. Archeology and shipwrecks –  Tours of Scilly can help you discover the locations of ancient burial grounds, Bronze Age monuments and historic.
  5. Messing about in boats – especially to hop between the different islands, each with their own distinct character, or trips out to the Western Rocks, like the Bishop..
  6. Beachcombing – There are loads of stunning and unspoilt beaches for you to find around the islands.  Who knows, you could find some washed up treasure or at least some pretty shells!