All About Scilly

6 Climate Traits of Scilly

  1. Together with the beautiful white beaches and the azure sea many north Europeans would definitely characterise the Isles of Scilly as a subtropical paradise. That’s why the Scilly Isles is a very popular tourist destination.
  2. The warm seawater means that frost and snow are very rare and gives an absolutely different climate relative to the mainland of Britain.
  3. During winter heavy wind and storms are very frequently seen. The passenger ferry takes a winter break from early November to mid-March and flights from Exeter are also seasonal. The only way to get to Scilly during the winter months is from Newquay and Land’s End airports.
  4. Sheltered from the harsh westerly winds there are favourable conditions for the growth of exotic vegetables, flowers and plants.
  5. Due to the mild winters and many hours of sunshine. The flora is very similar to the flora found in the Mediterranean region. For example palms are very commonly found on the Scillies.
  6. Isles of Scilly is a small UK archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean in the western part of the English Channel. The location of this archipelago close to the gulf stream has a huge effect on the climate.